Prop Busters R/C Club
Nelson Field
Browns, Illinois

Membership Application



Additional Family Member_________________________________Age_______

Street Address_____________________________________________________

City___________________________________State______Zip Code_________


E-Mail address ____________________________________________

Have you flown R/C before?            Yes_________      No_________

Area of Interest                Gas_________      Electric_________

Radio Frequencies      __________       __________       __________

AMA Membership Number______________________________________________

Membership dues are $45.00 a year and $14.00 for each additional family member living at home. Age 19 and under dues are 10.00 You must join the AMA for insurance purposes. AMA membership is $58.00 a year for open membership and $1.00 a year for anyone age 19 or under. 19 or under can get the magazine and all benifits for $15.00 a year.

Instructor pilots are available to help you learn to fly R/C planes. Schedules are flexible.

We fly every Sunday afternoon and have several scheduled events each season.

Please print out form and complete it. Mail this form, with your check to:

David Rigg
8842 N. 1550 Blvd
Mount Carmel, IL 62863

Thanks for the interest in our club and Welcome Aboard!